Author: 5 Questions | Junot Diaz

Interview by Mathew Allan Garcia 

A few months ago, I had an idea. What if I reached out to some of the most influential authors of our time, and asked for a few moments to answer some questions from a fledgeling magazine? Crazy, I know. Naturally, I sat on it for awhile. I sat on it for a variety of reasons: schedule, procrastination, etc. But really what it came down to was that I thought it’d be a waste of time. It’d be a waste of time because the two authors that came to mind were such big names that it was unlikely they would take the time to reply to my email, let alone answer my questions…[CONTINUE READING]

Author: Inside The Zombie Playground | Leah Rhyne

Interview by Mathew Allan Garcia

I had the pleasure of reading Leah Rhyne’s debut novel, Zombie Days, Campfire Nights (Undead America), and today we get to talk to the author herself! Hello, Leah. As the author for our inaugural issue, and you get to break it in…[CONTINUE READING]

Music: Dark. Distorted. Witches |L.A. Witch

Interview by Mathew Allan Garcia

The psychedelic garage rock trio that makes up the L.A Witches is Vox/Guitar Sade Sanchez, Bass/Organ Irita pai and Drummer Ellie. Today they stop by to tell us about their band and their great new self titled EP, which was Recorded/Engineered by Joel Jerome & Lucy Miyaki, with artwork credit going to Felipe Ramirez. They’ve been kind enough to answer some questions about the group…[CONTINUE READING]

Music: Waking The Devil | Mayuko Okai

Interview by Mathew Allan Garcia

I saw real rock and roll in a grungy bar on the Sunset Strip, and now I get to talk to the lead guitarist of that band, Mayuko Okai. Hello, Mayuko. It’s great to have the opportunity to talk to you and catching up on what things you have going on. Great of you to stop by…[CONTINUE READING]


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