by Phoebe Reeves-Murray

(Illustrations by Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray)



Phoebe Reeves-Murray’s other professional writing credits include an original novella-ization of the new Outer Limits episode The Quality of Mercy, published by Prima, and her original magic realism novel Talking to Shadows, published electronically by Scorpius Digital.

She’s written several books on how to teach yourself to write, aimed at the nontraditional student: What’s The Big Idea? and Turning the Century, both published by Prentice Hall.


by Jason Lairamore

(Illustrations by Jason Cole)

One: Homecoming 
Two: Outer Darkness
Three: Agolloch
Four: Blaine
Five: A New God


Jason Lairamore, is a family man. He is the father to three wonderful children, and is the lucky husband to one very beautiful lady. By day he works as a medical professional, and at night he is blessed enough to be father and husband. Only after normal people are safely tucked away cozily in their beds and sleeping soundly, does Jason get to sit down and explore the tangential worlds of everyanywhere. And explore he does.

by Bryan Howie

(Illustrations by Carrion House/Luke Spooner)

One: Original Sin
Two: Grace
Three: Hemlock
Four: Sinner
Five: Hard Prayer
Six: Green Eyes


Bryan Howie lives in the American Inland Northwest. He loves photography and motorcycle riding, but has a hard time doing both simultaneously. His short story “Your Mother’s Smile” was featured in Volume 6 of The Best of Carve Magazine. “Tides” was included in the anthology Solarcide Presents: Nova Parade. Links to his work can be found at his website,

Scoop Cover

by Eryk Pruitt

(Illustrations by Carrion House/Luke Spooner)

One: Morning Paper
Two: Results 
Three: Obituary
Four: Winner
Five: Beating The Paper


Eryk Pruitt is a screenwriter, author, and film maker living in Durham, NC with his wife and cat. His short dark comedy “FOODIE” has won awards at film festivals across the country. He has also been published in The Avalon Literary Review. His first contribution to Pantheon Magazine was his story “Rather A Nice Finish” featured in our Artemis issue.
Chris Kelso

by Chris Kelso 

(Illustrations by Justin Coons)

One: The Ugly Kid
Two: The Caravan In The Desert
Three: Martha
Four: Hitting The Road
Five: Dead Morrissey
Six: The Man In The Mirror
Seven: Somewhere Else, But Not Here


Chris Kelso is a Scottish writer, illustrator, editor and journalist. He is the creator of Imperial Youth Review. He has been printed frequently in literary and university journals across the UK, US and Canada, including:- Asimov’s, Copeland Valley’s Apocalypse Donkey Anthology, Polluto, Evergreen Review (final issue 130), Cadaverine, Verbicide, The Delinquent, Everything is Fine (stories inspired by David Lynch), Alternation, In This Music?, Full Metal Orgasm, Trisickle magazine, Trouser Press, Dream People, Sein Und Werden, Heart and Lungs, Profane Existence, In Bed With Maradona, Re-Gen Magazine, Lost Boy Zine, Sabotage Times, Beard Rock, Total Football Magazine, ScotZine, Dead Man’s Tome(August Issue), DogCast Central, Duality (Issue 4), Salzberg Review, FirstWriter Magazine, The Edinburgh Journal and the Strathclyde Telegraph.

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