Submission Guidelines

What To Send Us:

We are looking for myth in our stories—contemporary, weird, horrific. We want work that taps into the greater truths of humanity through storytelling. We want stories from all over the world, from all voices, from all cultures, backgrounds, and orientations—and we particularly welcome stories from voices that have been marginalized. Speculative elements are very welcome but not required, but we do look for a sense of the uncanny. Our tastes skew dark.

Some of our favorite authors are Shirley Jackson, Jeff Vandermeer, Stephen Graham Jones, Caitlin Kiernan, Neil Gaiman, Gabino Iglesias, Gemma Files, Helen Marshall, Josh Malerman, Paul Tremblay, Jessica McHugh, Laird Barron, Michael Wehunt, Roxane Gay, Usman T. Malik, and of course all the writers previously included in the magazine.

We publish twice a year, in Spring and Winter. Each issue will be themed around a deity of some sort, though we want you to be creative with that theme. The deity does not need to be a character in the story.

We accept stories up to 7500 words—but please read each sub call carefully, as some issues will specifically ask for flash fiction only. We prefer shorter stories—a piece at 7500 will have to be exceptional in order to take the place of several shorter pieces.

Poetry Guidelines

For poetry, you may submit up to three poems per call, but please send them as individual submissions. They must also relate to the issue’s theme.

Manuscript Guidelines

In your cover letter, include your word count, a brief note about how your work fits our theme, and a short (100 words or fewer) bio. If your piece is a reprint, please tell us where it was originally published—a link would be appreciated.


We accept .doc, .docx, or rtf files—no PDFs. Please label your file with the title of your story and your name.

Payment & Rights

We pay 6c per word and $10 per poem (via Paypal). 3c per word for reprints. We are paying for rights to publish your work in a print magazine and digital ebook. Rights revert to the author six months after publication, though we retain the right to continue selling back issues of the magazine. You will also receive a digital copy of the magazine and a code to purchase print copies at print cost. Some stories, with the author’s permission, may be posted to our website for promotional material.

Simultaneous Submissions

No multiple submissions, please. We DO allow simultaneous submissions after 30 days—but please let us know immediately and withdraw your story through Submittable (don’t just email us) if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Response Times

We try to respond within 90 days, but if your story is shortlisted, there may be an additional wait. You will be notified if your story is shortlisted. If your story is shortlisted, we would appreciate it if you would not submit it elsewhere until you have heard from us (but we understand if it has already been sim subbed). If you have not heard from us in 90 days, or if you have questions about the above guidelines, feel free to query us at



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